3rd International Exhibition "Electronics. Electrical Engineering and Innovative Technologies - E-Tech Expo 2024"

5 - 7 November 2024, Uzexpocentre NEC


UzE-TechExpo congratulates industry participants with an international holiday

February 7 is Robotics Day all over the world. The date for this professional holiday was chosen based on the popular version, according to which the great science fiction writer Isaac Asimov formulated three laws of robotics on this very day, designed to regulate the relationship between humans and machines with intelligence. In the decades since that day, the dream of creating "intelligent" robots has never been closer to reality. What used to be written about only by the bravest minds is now confidently entering our lives in a variety of fields - industrial, communication, household. Today we congratulate the members of the professional community of Russian electronics, who are making robotics a reality in our country. UzE-TechExpo team is happy to cooperate with advanced companies that create what seemed like science fiction half a century ago, and we wish each participant in this process business successes and new achievements. Happy Robotics Day 2022! 
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